Hawaiian Happy Hour on Wednesday and Thursday 


Kauai Island Jazz 6:30-9pm


  Bluefinger 6:30-9:30pm

                                       Obvious Jazz 6-8pm


                                       Tropical Groove 6-8pm


                                       Charity Ann 6-8pm


                                       Obvious Jazz 6-8pm

Featured Entertainment
Thursday November 1st Gene Fintz and Co. 9:00PM Acoustic 
Friday November 2nd Lazeroo 9:00PM Funk Fusion
Saturday November 3rd Ho’Aka 9:00PM Oldies and Local Music
Sunday November 4th Closed
                                   Monday November 5th Kauai Island Jazz6:30PMJazz                                  
Tuesday November 6th Bluefinger 6:30PM Classic Rock
Wednesday November 7th Garden Island Dj’s9:00PM Dance Music
 Thursday November 8th Open Mic Night 9:00PM Acoustic
Friday November 9th The 4thAnnual Women In Comedy 8:00M Comedy
Saturday November 10th The 4thAnnual Women In Comedy 8:00PM Comedy
Sunday November 11th Closed
Monday November 12th Kauai Island Jazz 6:30PM Jazz
Tuesday November 13th Billy Paul 6:30PM Country
Wednesday November 14th Garden Island Dj’s 9:00PM Dance Music
Thursday November 15th Royal Lineage 9:00PMReggae
Friday November 16th Vic and the Victims 9:00PM Blues
Saturday November 17th Rumba de Fuego9:00PM Latin
Sunday November 18th Closed 
Monday November 19th Kauai Island Jazz 6:30PM Jazz
Tuesday November 20th Charity Ann 6:30PM Acoustic
Wednesday November 21st Garden Island Dj’s 9:00PM Dance Music
Thursday November 22nd Closed for Thanksgiving
Friday November 23rd Dub Tree 9:00PMReggae
Saturday November 24th Stevon Artis with Candice & Co. 9:00PM R&B
Sunday November 25th Closed  
Monday November 26th Kauai Island Jazz 6:30PM Jazz
Tuesday November 27th Billy Paul 6:00PMCountry
Wednesday November 28th Garden Island Dj’s 9:00PM Dance Music
Thursday November 29th Open Mic 9:00PMAcoustic
Friday November 30th Midnight Ranson, Square Shapes, and Minor Details 9:00PM Punk Rock